February 10, 2013

Anonymous said: I want you to be happy?

I can remember the time, when I used to sleep quietly

without workings in my thoughts,

whole nights together,

                        but now

it is other ways with me





           a tree nearly always grow such that

the diameters of all its branches at a particular height

added together

equal that of the trunk at

its thickest point




            I am the selfish person’s idea of a thoughtful person

                        The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude

                                    only those who hope to transform

                                           human beings end up burning them





I haven’t yet

reached the day when

I will not need another

to hold my hand in

my wrongness




For a long time I wasn’t afraid of being unhappy because I didn’t believe that it was different from necessity—





                                   the fat ribs of peace
Must by the Hungry happy now be fed upon


the refusal of praise is only the

                wish to be praised twice






                                                                                    Feb. 3 1904

Dear Joe:
            How life & the world—the past & the future —are looking—to me? As they have been looking to me the last 7 years: as being NON-EXISTENT.
            That is, that there is nothing. That there is no God and no universe; that there is only empty space, and in it a lost and homeless and wandering and companionless and indestructible Thought. And I am that thought. And God, and the Universe, and Time, and Life, and Death, and Joy and Sorrow and Pain only a grotesque and brutal dream, evolved from the frantic imagination of that insane Thought.
                                                                        Yr friend,

                                                                                    Mark Twain



let’s make it to Vicenza when everything falls

apart and live—you and I—in

the Teatro Olimpico










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