February 9, 2013

The real comfort of anonymity is not having to know yourself.


            Hi, I’m Claude Glass


                        all the knowledge

I have wrung from the darkness


non-stick axe


I was the swash of blood

I was the glint of recognition

I was the best of me

I was the muffled sigh

I was the coward’s face

I was the drunken cry

I was the rhetoric of love


I paint the star I sawed from the yellow pine—

And plant the sign

In soil that does not yet refuse

Its usual Jews.


I live in warshington dc for

four an a half years

and I’d jus be as soon in hell

with my back broke

as live thar


boiling a ruby in an art gallery


savage enormity

            long awfulness

                        fair but not generous


we learn that it is not for man to follow the trail of truth

too far, since by doing so he entirely loses

the directing compass of his mind: for

arrived at the Pole, to whose barrenness only it points,


the needle indifferently respects

all points of the horizon,



That moment was like that other hole you punch in the can of Hawaiian Punch so that the liquid can come out of the first hole


slightly closer to the heart of creation than is usual,

\But still not close enough.

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