February 1, 2013

Anonymous said: would you like people to pay attention to you?

The trick is to become like a mirror. 

There’s a really good reason we say ‘have a look in the mirror’ instead of ‘have a look at the mirror.’ Mirrors are almost too obvious examples of things that have no existence independent of us. What they are is nearly always what is in them—which is to say, us.

Mirrors are what let you see the parts of yourself unavailable to direct inspection. Your face, the back of your head, your eyes. There’s something nice about how strange it is that we need sheets of glass—that are nothing in themselves—in order to see the rest of our self. 

So it’s fine to want people to pay attention to you, but only as long as the you you’re showing them is so elusive that all they end up seeing is themselves. More clearly, and from perspectives that are unavailable to them without your help.

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